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Вся информация о Hiding - характеристики, описание на русском, требуемые скилы

Тип: Normal Макс лвл: 10 Цель: Self
Тип атаки: None Сбивается: False Элемент: Neutral
Ударов: 1 Дальность: 1 АоЕ: —
Тип дамага: NoDamage
Описание Hiding:
Required For: Cloaking (L2 Assassin), Tunnel Drive (L1 Rogue), Chase Walk (L5 Stalker)
Max Level: 10
Type: Active
SP Cost: 10 + see below
Target: Self
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: 1 sec
Duration: 30*SkillLV sec
Effect: Toggles the hide effect on the character on/off. Toggling the hide effect off consumes no SP. Hidden characters cannot move, attack or use any skill (except certain Rogue skills) and do not regenerate HP or SP.
The hide effect makes a character invisible to other players and monsters. This stops skills and spells that are targeted at you from working (those with casting times fail) and anything attacking you stops (assuming that their last hit doesn't hit you and reveal you!).
Area effect skills and spells can't hit you (except Heaven's Drive). Insects, Demons and Boss monsters are not affected by the hide effect. If you get hit by anything while hiding, you will be revealed.
Attention Concentrate, Ruwach, Detecting and Sight are all capable of revealing hidden characters. Consumes 10 SP for casting and continually drains certain amount of SP while hiding.

[LV 1] 30 Seconds, SP 1 / 5sec
[LV 2] 60 Seconds, SP 1 / 6sec
[LV 3] 90 Seconds, SP 1 / 7sec
[LV 4] 120 Seconds, SP 1 / 8sec
[LV 5] 150 Seconds, SP 1 / 9sec
[LV 6] 180 Seconds, SP 1 / 10sec
[LV 7] 210 Seconds, SP 1 / 11sec
[LV 8] 240 Seconds, SP 1 / 12sec
[LV 9] 270 Seconds, SP 1 / 13sec
[LV 10] 300 Seconds, SP 1 / 14sec
Класс: Вспомогательный
Описание: Позволяет прятаться под землей.
HpCost: 0
HpPercentCost: 0
RequiredAmmoAmount: 0
RequiredAmmoTypes: 0
RequiredState: 0
RequiredWeapons: 99
SpCost: 10
SpiritSphereCost: 0
SpPercentCost: 0
ZenyCost: 0
Необходимые скилы
Assassin Steal (5)
Rogue Steal (5)
Super Novice Steal (5)
Thief Steal (5)
Требуется для
Assassin Cloaking (2)
Rogue Tunnel Drive (1)
Stalker Chase Walk (5)
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